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8 Signs of Terrorism video

8 Signs of Terrorism - Complete Video (00:22:16)

To help you and people like you be vigilant, the ACTIC, in conjunction with the City of Phoenix Fire Department, created a special video seminar, "8 SIGNS OF TERRORISM," to help members of the community, as well as local law enforcement and public safety officers, to better identify suspicious activities that could be related to terrorism.

8 Signs of Terrorism - Individual Video Segments

As an alternative, video segments of the above video are below for your convenience.  Please click on any image to launch the corresponding video.

Running time: 00:06:16
Sign 1: Surveillance
Running time: 00:01:53
Sign 2: Elicitation or
Gathering Information
Running time: 00:01:49
Sign 3: Testing Security
Running time: 00:01:07
Sign 4: Finances
Running time: 00:02:05
Sign 5: Acquiring Supplies
Running time: 00:01:52
Sign 6: People Who
Don't Belong
Running time: 00:01:38
Sign 7: Dry Run
Running time: 00:00:52
Sign 8: Deploying Assets or
Getting Into Position
Running time: 00:01:00
Running time: 00:03:39